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APHIS Serves to facilitate safe trade, monitor the movement of risk material, protect against the introduction of pests, regulate the import and export of plants, and help exporters meet the entry requirements of other countries. Click on the link below to view associated information.Type your paragraph here.

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Methyl Bromide Fumigation Program

The National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) in coordination with APHIS and the wood packaging industry has developed an official program in order for the NWPCA to implement a quality control program for the official labeling of WPM fumigated with Methyl Bromide in compliance with the ISPM15 standard.

The Methyl Bromide (MB) Fumigation Program is structured much the same as the Heat Treatment (HT) program. The NWPCA administers the fumigation program. Inspection agencies enrolled with the National Wood Pallet and Container Association monitor the fumigation with methyl bromide and treatment marking of WPM in conformance with ISPM15 . The agency quality mark may only be applied on WPM treated by fumigators certified in the program.


All PRO PAK wood products are Heat Treated and certified by the USDA. Heat Treated Wood Materials are required for certain international transit by the USDA. Learn More: