Custom Packaging & Services

S/H/D Crates  meeting the challenges of extra large or heavy loads. Additions like inspection doors, lifting points, reinforced steel bases, and weather proof roofs only add to the creative engineering developed by PRO PAK to assure your shipment is easy to access during overseas inspections

Our packaging design team can easily provide a customized solution of securing your product internally. Pre planning the internal bracing streamlines your pack time and creates an easy to use component.

H/D Crates is the #1 choice when durability, flexibility and performance are critical and is recommended for loads up to 10,000 lbs for both domestic and international shipments. Interchangeable elements in the design configuration such as; plywood thickness, cleats size, joists, corner posts, thickness of base material, added hardware, and custom steel weld ments, make this a versatile medium to heavy duty shipping container.

With over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, you can feel confident that even your most fragile and valuable items are in good hands with the professionals at Pro-Pak. We safely package and crate everything from neon signs, slot machines, and gaming tables to priceless artwork and antiques. We are dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective packaging solution

We Provide single and Double wall Corrugated Boxes.
With custom Inserts. Foam in place, and other Structurally enhancing components.


L/D Crates Style  are suggested for light to medium duty loads up to 700 lbs. Generally constructed with 3/8" plywood sheathing, with either 1x2", 1x4" or 2x4" cleats on all six panels. Much like a Skid & Top box, the Style A box can accommodate many load configurations with forklift entry skids, thicker plywood panels, joists, corner posts, inserted base, and choice of fasteners