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PRO PAK Freight delivers confidence when your LTL shipments must go overseas. Contact US for ocean container specifications for the cube and freight containers.

About freight classes:

Different types of products have different shipping costs associated with them. The motor carrier industry defines products being shipped according to certain characteristics: density, stow ability, handling and liability. Each definition, or description, is called a freight classification or, simply, a freight class.

PRO PAK Freight needs each shipment's freight class to determine shipping charges. Most ground transportation providers use a reference called the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) to determine freight classes for rating purposes.

The NMFC catalogs freight classes and assigns item numbers to products being shipped. To calculate the shipping charges, PRO PAK Freight consults the NMFC to find the best description for each product in the shipment. For each description, the NMFC also specifies the associated shipment class and item number.

The NMFC item number and the text describing the product should be stated on the bill of lading for every shipment tendered to PRO PAK Freight.

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PRO PAK Freight offers flexible, reliable LTL freight shipping service throughout North America. You can count on the original LTL experts for your shipping needs in the United States, Canada, Mexico and to offshore destinations. Expedited and guaranteed options are also available.

Air freight forwarding can either be domestic or local air freight forwarding depending on the destinations are within the country only. The air freight forwarding of goods will not take longer than 1-2 days with domestic or local air freight forwarding. Delays of air freight forwarding depend mainly on weather conditions. Most air freight forwarding companies coordinate with airlines in their schedule of flights for air freight forwarding of goods. Local air freight forwarding usually has flat rate depending on goods to be shipped. The smaller and the nearer the destination, the cheaper is the air. freight forwarding cost. The air freight forwarding company will make you aware of the arrival of goods.


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